Welcome To SIMS5GAME.com Blog: News And Information

We just started a new blog name SIMS5Game.com to give all kinds of news and information on upcoming part of SIMS series. This is our first post and in this post we wants to introduce what we are going to share here. This article will give you a picture what kind of information you will find here.

SIMS 5 Game Logo:

Below is the logo of our blog having SIMS colors and fonts. Hope you like it.


SIMS 5 Latest News:

If there is any news on SIMS 5, you will find here in our news category. This will be one stop destination to update you on next part of SIMS might be title “SIMS 5”.

SIMS 5 Release Date & Feature:

On our regular basis we will update with most approximate release date and features of SIMS 5. Since the game SIMS 5 is not officially announced, so we will share wishlist feature and rumored release date. But as soon as the game gets announced we will update you.

Why Read SIMS5GAME.com:

We have 4 reason why you should release SIMS5Game.com

1. We share the best content in the most elaborate way. All our post also have related pictures and videos.

2. You can share your views in the comments using Facebook or wordpress. Our readers can also reply to you.

3. We have many subscribe options for you. You can use Facebook, twitter, Google Plus or google feedburner as a medium to stay in touch with us.

4. In future we will have forum on our blog once we have enough visitor on our blog.