The SIMS Official Says When Time Comes We Start Working On SIMS 5

SIMS official twitter account replies to one the SIMS fans, says when the time come we will start working on SIMS 5. Eric suggested official SIMS account on twitter that the Sims 5 should have real-life cheats included. The official handle replies, they can’t promise, but when the time comes to start working on SIMS 5 maybe they add it. Below is the discussion on twitter which you can read.

This is some descent comment SIMS official made as compared to earlier comment SIMS 5 won’t happen if SIMS 4 failed. Following both the news, one thing is confirmed EA Maxis and The Sims Studio are yet to start working on SIMS 5. We just hope the time comes soon and they start working on next SIMS.