SIMS 5 VS SIMS 4: Future Prediction

SIMS 5 VS SIMS 4The SIMS is a life simulation video game series developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is a spin-off of the older SimCity game franchise, released in February 2000. As we know that games are all about to achieve the goal, SIMS has generally lacked defined goals. The game has focused on the simulated lives of virtual people called SIMS.

In this game player has so many choices as he can play with pre- exiting SIMS and families or they can create his own one. Apart from that he can place his SIMS in the pre- constructed homes or can build by the game building tool.

If we talk about the previous versions of the SIMS then we recall spending so many hours installing, building homes, creating SIMS, etc. These things create lack interest in the gamer’s mind. But now with the launch of SIMS 4 you won’t get such difficulties.

Maxis hopes with this game to retain the core gameplay features for its lovers. As the company has received so many complaints about many bugs of SIMS 3, so they launched this version with improved performance than previous. SIMS 4 has been released after 5 years of its previous version SIMS 3 in 2009. Considering the pattern SIMS 5 is expected to release in 2019.

As we have already discussed that in previous version of this series, we used to spend hours to adjusting the windows and doors. So hopefully developers will do best to make SIMS 5 more faster and reliable for its user. In the SIMS 4 the build mode was improved with some of the most frustrating situations. There are now more flexible options are available in SIMS 4 for move a whole room or even your entire house.

With the launch of The SIMS 4 developer has ensured that build Mode might consume less of your time. It has been predicted that this time will be lesser in SIMS 5 where users will spend more time because of having fun rather than controls the clunky. Apart from that SIMS 5 gallery might allow the players to browse more content while the game is launched for a new better experience.

As these are the predictions of SIMS 5, which are assumed with the help of the features of current version we hope that like SIMS 4, the user will not be worried about the Sim. No matter where you go or what to do, your Sim will hold that with them when they return home or we can say that it will be more helpful in comparing to SIMS 4.

As we have seen that new version of this series are coming, SIMS adds a range of emotions which helps you to take a variety of decisions in the game. The emotions help to share your store with an ease. You can also control the engagement of your Sims with others. Apart from that, in the new version of this game the user should be able to control the brain, corpus, and of course the heart of Sim.

Much like one of EA’s sports franchises, The Sims 4 has been stripped, oiled and re-tuned for a new generation and hope better for coming versions. It’s not a bad game but is the same experience that SIMS lovers always want to enjoy. Although SIMS 4 is the best among all series, but we hope that SIMS 5 will be more interesting than this version.