SIMS 5 Trailer Says Expensive Stuff Added

Youtube is a very popular place where people love to share their personal view about any game. An account with user name @games528 shares another SIMS 5 trailer which is very short in length. It is hardly 22 seconds in lengths.

SIMS 5 Trailer Expenssive Stuff Added

In this trailer SIMS 5 is expected to release on 22.41.1078(Wrong date he putted). The trailer also reveals SIMS 5 tees, children, houses and trees removed from the game. Along with them fences and roads are also removed. In place of them expensive stuff will be added. You can watch the trailer below.

We know this SIMS 5 trailer is not exciting at all but we couldn’t find a better trailer than this. If you can create a better trailer, then share with our readers here. All you need to do is contact us with your YouTube link.