SIMS 5 Release Date Is 2019?

The SIMS 4 just released by EA and it is quite successful. I say quite successful because of negative ratings and reviews from the user which is affecting the sales of the game. But the game will become successful as the expansion pack releases for SIMS 4. Now the people are looking for SIMS 5 release date and we hope the game will release in 2019. Why so? Read it below to find why.

SIMS 5 Release Date

The next game in the SIMS series is going to be more awesome then the present game in the SIMS series. This time it is very likely Maxis & EA will listen more carefully to SIMS fans features and will deliver their best SIMS to fulfill the maximum expectation of SIMS fans.

Recently SIMS officials make very unusual comments, “SIMS 5 is not going to happen if SIMS 4 doesn’t sell“. They also confirmed SIMS 5 is not in works and they are not even thinking about it. Right now their whole focus is on SIMS 4. With such comment one thing is sure the development for SIMS 5 is not going to start soon. First they wants to done with SIMS 4 before starting SIMS 5.

We expect the development of SIMS 5 will start in 2015 and the game series won’t end here. The SIMS fans have lots of expectation from it which they are continuously sharing on the SIMS official forum. So it’s very unlikely Maxis will end such a amazing series here on a sad note when fans badly wants series to continue.

It can also be possible Maxis might have already started working on SIMS 5. They make such comment just to make sure user focus on SIMS 4 instead of thinking about SIMS 5 which will come after years of gap.

SIMS 5 Release Date:

Now enough of talking whether SIMS 5 will happen or not. Lets discuss its release date. Since the development of SIMS 5 is unconfirmed so nothing can be said exactly about its release date. But we can predict it by analyzing the previous SIMS game release date.


This first in the series was released in February 2000 which was the best selling game for PC at that time.

The SIMS 2:

Electronic Arts released The Sims 2 on September 14, 2004. So the Maxis took 4 years to release new game in the series.

The SIMS 3:

The SIMS 3 was released in June 2009 to worldwide. So third part releases after 5 years of gap.

The SIMS 4:

The latest in the series, The SIMS 4 released in Septemer 2014. So the 4th part took anothers 5 years of gap in the SIMS series.

The SIMS 5:

After analyzing all part release date one thing is sure Maxis took 4-5 years to bring all new SIMS. So considering this fact SIMS 5 release date is September 2019. Though this is not exact release date but it is expected to be somewhere around.

Right now we don’t have too much to discuss about SIMS 5 release date as SIMS 4 just hit stores. But as time proceed many rumors and news will hit the web. We promise to share each and every news about the game.