SIMS 5 Release Date, Features, News And Rumor Round Up

As SIMS 4 just released but many fans has already started asking about SIMS 5. For them we bring all SIMS 5 news, expected features and release date of the next generation of the game in one place.

SIMS 5 Release Date, Features And News

SIMS is the ultimate in reality games which has been addicting fans since its first conception of the SIMS 1 game in 2000. Developed by Electronic Arts Maxis, which released SIMS 4 recently, the life simulation game enables you to create and sculpt personalities controlling them through a variety of real life situations and even form relationships. Players experience a virtual world of building homes, environments and day to day tasks.

SIMS 5 Release Date(Expected)

There are mixed reviews about Sims 5. EA has stated that a new release depends on the market performance of Sims 4. But given the games money spinning popularity despite of glitches, it is most unlikely that EA would not bring out Sims 5. The statement could be a ploy to boost sales of Sims 4 and to make people focus on current version instead thinking of SIMS 5. Studying developer trends with reports and rumors alike EA is most likely to propose a SIMS 5 by 2019. The factor supporting this are the many drawbacks noticed by fans in Sims 4 and EA would definitely want to rectify this with an enhanced new release.

New Features and Reemergence of Old Ones in Sims 5:

Despite of vague denials since the release of Sims 4, developers have remarked that with the research on SIMS 4 providing a perfect platform for a solid foundation for the future. One feature that has enraged fans somewhat is the absence of toddlers and pools in Sims 4. An enhanced experience of this feature is bound to appear in Sims 5.

Wider Color wheel and camera adjustment options will feature in Sims 5 given the lack of camera manipulation in Sims 4. Increased variations and automatic options for fashion accessories, hairstyles and bodily characteristics will be realized in Sims 5. What EA needs to do is go beyond just tasks and emotions and build upon the life experience.

New neighborhoods are necessary to generate renewed interest from the older ones in all the SIMS till date. By emphasizing more on family life with schools and playgrounds, this is the base for which toddlers are bound to reappear.

What is providing EA with a solid foundation for improvement on graphics and increased multiplay space is a complete overview of all the Sims over the years. Combining data over fans expectancies and drawbacks in SIMS 4, developers are bound to provide a much better new release.

Attention to more graphic detail and richer content will be emphasized. What the latest version seems to lack are the smaller details like auto roof and building height which is missing. Emergence of these simple details which increase the life simulated experience is a feature that will most certainly be implemented.

An improvement on software issues are bound to be addressed in Sims 5. With the present version causing problems in errors such as game crashes, faulty installation freezing, graphics incompatibility and inconsistent mouse- cursor control, such issues will not be present in the new release. The future of SIMS depends on its user experience and poor software compatibility is bound to endanger the prospects of any game.

Sims 5 Holds The Future Of The Sims Franchise:

Electronic Arts will need to focus on the finer aspects of Sims 5 based on all the content in the earlier versions. Fans are unwilling to accept the removal of features, thus an improved SIMS 5 is not only speculation but an eventual reality that holds the future of the franchise.