SIMS 5 PC Improvement : 8 Ideas For SIMS Wishlist

SIMS 4 is the latest release of the life simulation game developed by EA’s Maxis. Although the game is as usual a bestseller in the reality video game segment, however most fans are extremely disappointed with EA having removed a huge number of features and options existing in the last 3 versions. Gamers would definitely like to see these improvement addressed in the next release Sims 5.


The Most Prominent Improvements Required In Sims 5 (Wishlist):

1. Improvement of imaging features and options:

The open world scenario found in Sims 3 has been removed to make way for separate screens. Background imaging like buildings is illusionary and hence cannot be used in game play. Sims 5 should feature the old formats with building modes such as auto roof and height. Options for clothing variety and color wheel should be increased.

2. Life elements should be reinstated with better customization:

Users have recognized the lack of differences in characters where elders and teenagers look identical in features. An elder person should have wrinkles at least in comparison to a youngster. Generations should be differentiated not only by looks but height and bodily structure as well. Babies and nursery rooms should be reintroduced. Even diseases and illness an integral part of life should be renewed.

3. Return of routine careers:

Sims 4 has seen an upgrade of routine careers  to sophisticated levels where the fireman, police officer gardener and doctor now feature the IT specialist, the spy, and the super criminal. Sims 5 should not feature such unrealistic effects and traditional careers should return. It makes no sense introducing hardened criminals where your everyday burglar is absent.

4. Stories of supporting characters should be progressive:

Neighborhood characters should show a progression in circumstances like kids, jobs marry etc. this feature should see some improvement by way of defaults and not rely only on user actions.

5. Important game play elements should return:

Sims 5 should feature at least all the important elements missing in Sims 4. The swimming pool, cribs, dishwashers’ grocery stores bicycles and pool tables are major elements required in life.

6. Less auto control:

Most situations in Sims 4 like putting out a fire or using a household tool for an exercise and car problems are automatically resolved. This would hardly qualify as life simulation so Sims 5 should feature more player control on such events.

7. Improved cursor calibration and graphic compatibility:

Fans have noticed inconsistencies in mouse to cursor relation; this is an aggravating aspect that needs redressal in Sims 5. Even graphic compatibility is poor with games requiring higher graphics despite of the technical requirements mention.

8. Resolve freezing and crashes:

Launching game programs have been resulting in crashes ort total hang up like freezing. These technicalities should be reprogrammed for better pc hardware and software compatibility to avoid such glitches. Sims 5 should be compatible with 64 bit systems that will not result in crashes for rams containing more than 5 GB.

While most fans may understand that older features need to make way for enhancements, those that hold the essence to the game should not have been tampered with. EA Maxis need some introspection in realizing that the popularity of SIMS from its inception relied on is its ability to mimic life in its simplicity.

So readers kindly share your improvements for SIMS 5 in comments below. Let this list be endless growing with more features.