SIMS 5 Fans Wishlist – What Features They Want

SIMS fans have already started sharing SIMS 5 wishlist. Even though officials warned, there will be no SIMS 5 if SIMS 4 failed. But this does not stop SIMS lovers to stop sharing features they look forward to seeing in SIMS 5. They have a very big list which we will share here.

SIMS 5 fans wishlist

SIMS 5 Fans Wishlist:

More Career Option:

SIMS 4 has a very less career option compared to previous SIMS. They want many more career options to be added in SIMS 5 specially medical profession and business career option should not be missed. As per their request 20 – 30 profession should be included in SIMS 5.

Real Babies:

Fans feels the babies in SIMS looks like a doll and not like real babies. They feel improvement to be done in this area while making SIMS 5.

Toodlers And Open World In SIMS 5:

When making a new game in the series one should not miss the best part of the previous. Open world is the best part of SIMS 3 which fans miss badly and would like it to be getting added in SIMS 5. Along with this they also want basic life stages including toddlers in SIMS 5.

Different Heights:

The heights of people can vary in each life stage. Along with this fans are also interested in adjusting the heights of small objects when putting them on shelves or different sections of the wall.

Merging Best Of SIMS 2, SIMS 3 And SIMS 4:

There are fans who say, they will be happy if SIMS 5 has all the best features from previous SIMS. The memory system, interacting options, writing stories and funny animations of SIMS 2 can be put in SIMS 5. The swimming pools, toddlers, endless customization & open world of SIMS 3 and emotions, CAS & build mode of The Sims 4 can be added in SIMS 5. By doing this they will be able to satisy all kinds of SIMS fans. Though adding new features along with this would be a bonus.

Editing World:

Some fans wishlist includes one word in every line “EDITING”. They want to edit and customize everything in SIMS 5 from roads, rivers and roofs to everything possible.

Graphics Improvement:

Fans feels graphics of SIMS can to be taken to the next generation such as in GTA 5 game.

Expansion Pack For Past:

The expansion pack that takes SIMS in his past lives or into the past is another idea.In past lives SIMS can be shown in part of the world when SIMS used to travel on horse, wagons and carts. The roads at that time could be dirty.

Features From GTA Game:

It looks like some SIMS fans play GTA too much. Their wishlist includes some exciting feature of GTA such as large expansive worlds, stock market and graphics.

Other SIMS 5 Wanted Features:

  • Big family trees with non playable character or even Sims that not in game
  • Include knitting
  • Add sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.
  • Add pets such as rabbits, gerbils, and guinea pigs
  • Story progression
  • Add swimming pools

We have collected the above SIMS 5 fans wishlist from different sources includes forums, blogs, social media and lot more places. But still this wishlist is not complete. How it can be complete until you share your wishlist with us? So to all SIMS game lovers do share wishlist at the end of this post in the comments. We are really thankful to you if you do so.