More Problems For SIMS 5: EA Shuts Down Simscity Maxis Studio

EA Shuts Down Simscity Maxis StudioFew days ago, latest update highlighted about the SIMS upcoming sequel has wondered many people to think that whether the popular game of Sims franchise will go forward to its next sequel or simply culminate with the previous one as “SIMS 4”. Indeed, the update does not prescribe the idea about job loss of many employees working in the studio.

However, game play scripter and the designer of SimCity named as Guillaume Pierre highlighted in a tweet as “Yes, everybody would be out of their jobs.” Last year, producer of the movie named as Grant Rodiek expressed his thoughts about the new purported sequel. In this case, official forum has taken proper note of the spoken words, “We are now not putting any of our efforts for the next sequel of SIMS game as SIMS 5. Even we are not thinking about it. This is because; if SIM 4 fails to get success, we would never introduce the new SIMS 5 version.”

On the other side, EA has given confirmation and assurance about the continuation of SIMS franchise even during this critical point; nevertheless, EA has not prescribed about per se of SIMS 5. According to the statement of the company given to Polygon, “Today, we are planning to consolidate Maxis IP development towards our studios located in Redwood Shores, Helsinki, Salt Lake City and various locations of Melbourne, as we are stepping ahead for the close of our Emeryville location.”

Furthermore, EA announced, “Maxis will continue to provide support and undergo development of many new experiences for latest SIMS and players of the SimCity, while help in expansion of our franchises towards varying latest platforms for further development of innovative cross-platform IP.”

Does this will imply that Sims players will sit back, get some relaxation and continue to live their virtual lives? Well, it would seem to be a case, as the announcement has not led to the effect of any plan made by the company for franchise. EA will give the assurance by commenting as, “Players will consistently witness rich and latest experience, categorized within ‘The SIMS 4’ with the help of our first expansion package that will arrive very soon in combination with an ultimate slate of extra updates as well as contents present in the pipeline.”

Now, the discussion has certainly become worth noting for SIMS fans. The history of Maxis towards fame had started in the year 1987, i.e. during its foundation or its first step in the industry. As per the statements given by Game Rant, the studio raised itself in a significant manner with the actual release of ‘SimCity’ and followed by relatively bigger spectacle with the introduction of “The SIMS.”

Interestingly, outcome revealed in the form of Emeryville closure is not a surprise for people. This is because; it cites the nasty habit of EA towards the closing of all studios, which had consistently delivered an unsatisfactory level of satisfaction.