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All latest news and information on SIMS 5 game.

EA Shuts Down Simscity Maxis Studio

More Problems For SIMS 5: EA Shuts Down Simscity Maxis Studio

Few days ago, latest update highlighted about the SIMS upcoming sequel has wondered many people to think that whether the popular game of Sims franchise will go forward to its…

SIMS 5 Release Date, Features And News

SIMS 5 Release Date, Features, News And Rumor Round Up

As SIMS 4 just released but many fans has already started asking about SIMS 5. For them we bring all SIMS 5 news, expected features and release date of the…

SIMS Official On SIMS 5

The SIMS Official Says When Time Comes We Start Working On SIMS 5

SIMS official twitter account replies to one the SIMS fans, says when the time come we will start working on SIMS 5. Eric suggested official SIMS account on twitter that…

SIMS 5 Wont Happen If SIMS 4 Dont Sell

SIMS 5 Won’t Happen If SIMS 4 Don’t Sell Says Rodiek

SIMS forum is a very active where SIMS fans ask questions and discuss issues about the game. One of the forum user shared 13 lists of things that he wants…