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SIMS 5 Trailer Expenssive Stuff Added

SIMS 5 Trailer Says Expensive Stuff Added

Youtube is a very popular place where people love to share their personal view about any game. An account with user name @games528 shares another SIMS 5 trailer which is…

SIMS 5 fans wishlist

SIMS 5 Fans Wishlist – What Features They Want

SIMS fans have already started sharing SIMS 5 wishlist. Even though officials warned, there will be no SIMS 5 if SIMS 4 failed. But this does not stop SIMS lovers…

SIMS 5 Release Date

SIMS 5 Release Date Is 2019?

The SIMS 4 just released by EA and it is quite successful. I say quite successful because of negative ratings and reviews from the user which is affecting the sales…

SIMS 5 Image

SIMS 5 Images And Facebook Cover [Fan-Made]

Here we share first SIMS 5 image gallery. The gallery includes fan-made SIMS 5 images, Facebook cover and screenshot. Download them and use them as your FB cover or profile…

SIMS 5 Wont Happen If SIMS 4 Dont Sell

SIMS 5 Won’t Happen If SIMS 4 Don’t Sell Says Rodiek

SIMS forum is a very active where SIMS fans ask questions and discuss issues about the game. One of the forum user shared 13 lists of things that he wants…

SIMS 5 features wishlist

3 Must Have SIMS 5 Features Wishlist

SIMS 4 just released and I gave it a try. Even though I read negative reviews, but I still bought it. My first impression is good, great graphics and runs…