3 Must Have SIMS 5 Features Wishlist

SIMS 4 just released and I gave it a try. Even though I read negative reviews, but I still bought it. My first impression is good, great graphics and runs extremely smoothly as compared to the SIMS 3. I feel people are mostly annoyed because of no open world in SIMS 4. But that’s not much problem with me and I feel EA did an amazing job in SIMS 4.

SIMS 5 features wishlist

Here I am going to discuss 3 must have SIMS 5 features wishlist. These all are my personal opinion and I am sharing them whether any of this opinion confirmed or not confirmed in SIMS 5. You can also share your personal features wishlist in the comments section at the end of this post.

1. Open World In SIMS 5:

The frustration for not having an open world in SIMS 4 can be seen almost in every review you will read on the net. I have to admit that I myself love open world in SIMS 3 and I think they should bring back in SIMS 5.

When I first played the SIMS 4 an open world was the first thing that I was missing badly in the game. And not bringing it back in SIMS 5, I think this going to be a huge step back. I will be hurt if I hear, “SIMS 5 coming with no open world.”

2. Bring Toodler And Swimming Pool Back In SIMS 5:

The SIMS 4 has dropped lots of lovable things when compared to SIMS 3. They have dropped Toodler, being a legacy player I was badly disappointed with this. Not only this, they have removed swimming pools, basements, bookstores, grocery stores, and places of work that we had in SIMS 3. I hope they will bring Toodler and swimming pools back in SIMS 5.

3. Create A Style Feature:

I want to personalize everything of my color or pattern in SIMS 5. Moreover, I also want choices option in SIMS 4 to be available too for quickly designing my items. I want create-a-style feature in SIMS 5 that lets me personalize clothing and carpets of my own color choice.

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