Updated On: 12 October 2015

The SIMS is a series of video game with incredible theme and interesting added features with players all over the world. The game is made by EA Maxis and later published by the Electronic Arts. The franchise has set a record of selling more than 175 million copies of this fantastic video game all over the world. The first series called “The SIMS” was released in February 2000 and received an astounding response from the masses. The interrogations between the characters made it both multi-tasking and fun at the same time. You can explore the game styles by buying landscape, furniture and other goods. Now fans of series are expecting a new adventure in SIMS 5.


Here you will find all news and updates on SIMS 5 game. Below, you can simply jump to the portion you are looking for.

About SIMS 5:

The latest series “SIMS 4” was released in September 2014 with added social features in the game. Now the players can import the house and its goods from one place to another. The game was a success which makes SIMS fans to look for another series “SIMS 5” with advanced features. The “expected to be astounding” new series is likely to be released in 2019 with bright animation graphics and high quality of characters & stimulations mode.

SIMS 5 Release Date:

Fans are badly addicted to the series of SIMS from the beginning of the release of SIMS 1 game. This reality game was designed by Electronic Arts Maxis, which recently released SIMS 4 and was a success. This life stimulation game permits you to form and carve personalities directing several real life situations and yet form relationships. The players get knowledge from implicit world of creating homes, regular tasks and environment. After the release of SIMS 4, players had already started talking about the release of SIMS 5.

SIMS 5 Release Date

Electronic Arts has declared that the SIMS 5 release date will depend upon the market feat of SIMS 4 but it is expected to be released in 2019. Since, the negative reviews and ratings of SIMS 4 majorly affected the sales of SIMS 4. However, the upcoming game in the SIMS series is expected to be more astonishing as compared to the existing one. To make the game more interesting, EA and Maxis might add some amazing features in SIMS 5 so that it will attract more players.

The SIMS officials have also make a statement that SIMS 5 won’t happen if SIMS 4 won’t have satisfactory sales. Few weeks later SIMS official on twitter said, “By the time it comes time to start work on The Sims 5, maybe we can do that – no promises, though ;)”. After that there is no news related to SIMS 5 because at present they are only focusing on SIMS 4.

The gamers expect that the designing of the new series “SIMS 5” will begin in the year 2015 and the series tends to continue thereafter. The SIMS admirers and fans have a lot of expectations regarding the new release of the game and they continually share their views on the official forum of SIMS. The design of SIMS 5 is still not confirmed, so nothing official can be declared regarding the release date. We can only predict it to be released in 2019 from the release date of existing SIMS series.

TitleRelease Date
The SIMSFebruary 2000
The SIMS 2September 2004
The SIMS 3June 2009
The SIMS 4September 2014
The SIMS 52019?

The foremost series “SIMS 1” was launched on February 2000 and till date it was the best selling game of the year. After that, the electronic arts released SIMS 2 on 14th September 2004. Maxis had spent four years designing and release this series. Likewise, SIMS 3 was launched in June 2009 after a gap of five years. And then the next series of the game “SIMS 4” was recently released in 2014 September. After predicting the release date of the following series, one thing is confirmed that Maxis will at least take four-five years to introduce the new SIMS series.

Update On 8 March 2015:

More Problems For SIMS 5: EA Shuts Down Simscity Maxis Studio

SIMS 5 Features (Wishlist & Rumour):

SIMS game is played by people of all age groups, as it is one of the interesting life stimulation video game in the recent times. Below is the wish list for the upcoming SIMS 5 video game:

SIMS 5 fans wishlist

Compare to previous versions:

The style of characters can be changed with their hair color as it is easy to get many types of hairstyles at varying lengths. Some of the hair styles are up, down, braid, wavy, ponytail, straight, bun and many added.

Facial textures:

The facial expression can be customized with the genetic attributes like change in the eye bags, dimples, nose and philtrum button which makes the character more beautiful. It is very easy to change the fixture of the Nose Bridge, nostrils, cheeks, lips, forehead and ear.

Eye color:

The eye color can be changed to make them look more beautiful. The wrinkles on the head and the eyebrow can be modified in a more innovative way.

Skin tone:

The skin tone of the character can also be changed to Light, Medium, Dark, Blue, Green or any other to easily identify your character. The designer could customize the skin and do animation in the SIMS 5 to give additional options for a better look.

Body modifications:

The 3D option is very spectacular in maintaining the body of the character. It is easy to increase the size of the muscles and strength of the body using this advanced option in the game. It will be fun changing the shape of the belly button, muscles, freckles, birthmarks and many others.

Extra makeup:

There are many options available to change the lip color to pink, pale or dark by applying the lipstick of the same color. Tattoos can also be added so that it is easier for the characters to change into modern style. The face mask option in the SIMS 5 would be useful for creating the beautiful faces of the characters. It can also be made in 3D.


Buying a model house of 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms should be added so that more number of people could stay in the house. The floors could be reconstructed with increased size in the 3D formats are also available in the wish list.

House Surroundings:

There are many important features like setting the beautiful environment around the house with attractive garden, swimming pool, decorated fences, trees and many others in 3D graphics mode.

Parking facilities:

Enlarge the parking facilities in the house so that you can easily park your car in SIMS 5. You can also change the size of a garage door; it could increase your game points.

Stairs and Basements in the house:

It is must to modify the stairs in the house; you can choose either L-shaped stairs or U-shaped stairs. Basement needs to be adjusted too, so that it becomes easier to dig in the hilly landscapes for building houses. Split level house can also be customized and made more beautiful for the characters.

Doors and Windows:

It is very easy to choose a door for your house and the options are wooden doors, sliding glass doors, Cellar doors and many added. Also, there are new and different types of door decorations available with a variety of frames, hinges and knobs.

Modular beds:

The bedrooms can be personalized by adding more beds, shelves, tiny washrooms, hidden passageways, closets and more. The beds could be made with different headboards and footboards. The size of bed, furniture and cushions can be increased than the previous game to make the house look new and more beautiful.

Animation and Sound Effects:

Better graphics and animation with 3D effects can be used to get a better image quality in the game. The sound effects should also be high in comparison to the previous series of SIMS. You can know more about SIMS 5 features here.

So to all SIMS lovers, we would love to have your suggestions on SIMS 5 game. You can share them by using the below comment box.



186 thoughts on “SIMS 5

  1. Like others have said, open world like in the Sims 3 is very important. When I first bought the Sims 4 the absence of an open world was one of the biggest turn-offs. Also the customisation options in the Sims 3 like the color wheel are far more advanced than in the Sims 4 and should absolutely come back.

    Another idea is to make “multi-age” clothing items so your sims outfit isn’t messed up each time your sim ages up. This would mean that for every hairstyle, accessory, shoe, etc you need to have a variety for each age category. When your sim ages up it keeps the same clothing and things like that but just from the next age.

    I’d also like to see more age categories. I mean, a 6 year old child is very different from a 9 year old child but in the Sims they’re both children. For teens this is even more important. A 12 year old teen is very different from a 16 year old teen. A 60 year old person can be an elder but still very different from a 90 year old one.

  2. TS5 Wishlist
    -Add more choices of hairstyles for male.

    – Offering more freedom or ability to create the hair lengths(Also by shaping the front/back hair) or even creating our own hairstyles as we wished.

    -More options of voice types and walking styles.

    -Seasons and pets(gender included) are added in the base game.
    Even a wild pets – leopard, tiger, lion and wolf, etc..
    -An options for mature behaviours(For any ages)

    -Under age marriage

    -An options for enable and disable age process(depends on players)

    – All the citizens can gathering in one huge place to participated somekind of events.(Organizing festival)

    – More accessories(For any gender)

  3. It would be better if unable aging options from ts3 included n adding the mods like underage marriage or focusing more to the hairstyles which based on anime. Besides, I doubt everybody wouldn’t mind if the sims 5 have an options to choose between the goofy and mature as the characteristics for the sims. It would be better if some sims can acts mature, even they are children. Just some thoughts.. 🙂

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  5. Having ladders and spiral stairs would be nice. Also weather , expand careers (i.e. teachers, lawyers, plastic surgeon, counselor …) and magic pretty please!!!

  6. Having to wait at least another two years for Sims 5 to be released (if at all) is a real pain, so if it comes out I hope it will be worth the wait.
    I must confess that I personally like the way Sims 4 plays, however. I feel the same as a lot of others in that there are some of the game play features from previous versions that could have easily been included in this version.
    It would be nice to be able to buy and join two or maybe three adjacent lots together.
    More larger size plots as well. I installed a mod for a house i found, but had to demolish a park area and re-allocate the area to residential before i could use the house because none of the free plots were big enough.
    Open world is a definite must. Not being able to move around the world freely take all the fun out of exploring the Sims world.
    Add transport terminals to allow players to travel to different worlds, and perhaps a cut scene for while the new world loads. after all this is Sims and not a well known Sci-Fi programme.
    Just a few suggestions. I hope the powers at be read these blogs, you never know, they might even take notice of some of the ideas people put out.
    Peace to you all my friends.

    • Dear Sims Family,

      I fell in love when Sims 4 came out, even though it was the first Sims game I’ve ever played. When I watched a video of Sims 3, I loved it because it had pets, which Sims 4 doesn’t, which I was sad about. I downloaded Sims 3 and I had so many pets, it was like a dream! Pets were (and still are) my favorite things of the Sims 3 and 4 because I have only played those two. Things I want in Sims 5 are things that are smaller, but important. If you’re like, “What could ever be small and important?” Well, here’s an example, a scene I’ll do from an everyday family.

      “Honey, we have to go to the mall. I’m putting the baby in the car.”
      “Ok. I’ll start up the car.”
      “I have the keys, here.”
      “Thanks. C’mon, get in the front seat.”
      “Ok, I’m ready.”
      “Let’s go.”

      Now, I know I’m not very good at scenes, but there are many small things that are important. Like keys, those are important.
      Another thing from the Sims 4 that’s okay, but not very good, is the characters just disappearing from the driveway. Why not add cars? Or make a taxi pick them up like in the Sims 3? And why can’t you go see the places?
      Another thing, Jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. One of my relatives works at home, are there any jobs that can stay at home and work on a computer so they can watch the children and work at the same time? That would be very nice if you had a lot of children ;).
      Something else that would take a BIG effect on me, are the waiting screen. I mean, I know it is long because you might have add-ons like the Sims 3, which the wait is ridiculous, but still, have it compatible so you can have a shorter waiting screen when your loading the game and like in Sims 4 when you are traveling.
      More instruments would be nice because I play the drums and trumpet, those would be a nice little feature.
      Maybe you could have a big city, like Chicago or New York, in one “world”, perhaps, and then a countryside in another “world”.
      I think there should also be seasons or the wind. Seasons would be nice because you could get snowed in or you couldn’t go out because it was pouring or something that would make the world a tad bit more interesting. Also swaying trees when wind rushes could be nice.
      Nothing affects the body of the sim in Sims 4, I’m not sure if it does in any other Sims game, and I wish the girl’s or women’s hair could bounce up and down, or move its position, or something making hair move.
      Something else that would be cool is owning a business, like a restaurant.
      Something on characters is A LOT more customizations. A LOT more hair, A LOT more clothes, A LOT more personality.
      Another thing that would affect my WHOLE life in the Sims series is a LAN mode. Being able to play with friends is my second favorite thing that could ever happen in the Sims series.
      There should also be story modes where you can choose one and it would guide you through a storyline.
      Castles would be amazing. If there were any type of ruler, maybe President or King and Queen, and we could be them, that would make me feel like I was living that life.

      Thank you again if you are reading this comment. It would mean the world to me if you added one or even two of my suggestions. 🙂 You keep me smiling Sims Family.

      Signed, Ashley B.

  7. Bring open world back. Loading sux,this is why I don’t play sims 4 and didn’t buy packs.

  8. After reading all of the comments and going by my own personal thoughts, I believe Sims 3 and Sims 4 should be merged together to create Sims 5. I say this because there are features in Sims 3 that I expected to be in Sims 4 and it wasn’t. In my OPINION, I personally like Sims 3 better than any Sims game that was put out. If Sims 3 had Sims 4’s loading time, it would be even better. Those are just my little thoughts.

    • We should also have to option the be a mail person and actually drive the car the different houses for our work day, the sims 4 is getting boring because there is really nothing to do in the game anymore. Add pets again please, any pet you could get in real life

    • That’s what I was thinking to. And I liked that you had, I believe, five trait choices and more options for a lifetime wish in the sims three versus the sevenish lifetime wishes and the three extra trait choices in the sims four. There are a few things I actually like the the fourth one but I agree, between three and four, I prefer three overall.

      • I was really disappointed that the cars and garages were not included. The pets was a great feature. I miss the different seasons. Why did you take away the toddlers?

  9. What I miss in the Sims 4 is vehicles. Bring back the cars. Also, I don’t like the flat landscape. I like how in the Sims 3 you could see other buildings, trees, and such. Also, I agree with everyone who says there should be a height adjustment. You should be able to make your sims tall or short. The female sims always appear taller than the men.The Sims 4 is a bit of a disappointment in comparison to the earlier sims. It’s 2017 so the graphics can stand to be a bit better.

  10. Well lets hope sims 5 will be better if i may say u know EA u are the ones that spoiled us with sims 3 it had open worlds cars toddlers pools everything ee wanted whas in there and then sims 4 sticked it’s head out no open world although tiddlers and pools are back but where’s the washing machines and all the other goodies that makes the game awesome so u are guilty as charge for spoiling us with the wonderful games u create don’t blame us for wanting more and more
    Just a biggggg fan

  11. More Sims 5 Ideas.

    > Much more better guitar selections like an electric guitar with its original distortion sound/
    > Add more lakes and rivers.
    > To be able to build any construction on water with stilts.
    > Add more and bigger areas with bigger plots.
    > Add a lannable feature for people who would love to lan with friends that can build and construct.
    >Add more different jobs and different leveling for the sim.
    > To be able to go higher levels of the construction and also the lower levels.
    > More music for the radio stations in the language that you choose.
    > Bigger TVs
    > More instruments such as Bass guitars, Drums…etc.
    > More stuff in the rewards store.
    > to be able to become Death “Grim Reaper”
    > More Aspirations
    > To be able to build anywhere no matter what
    > more hair styles and eyes, even “cosplay” type of eyes
    > To be able to build on mountains, hills and so on
    > When you type the cheat “testing cheats on” should be able to drag the “needs” bar like in sims 3
    > Easier way to add mods, such as a “mod installer”
    > Add a “gamer” trait
    > Better computer’s to make the gamer trait more enjoyable
    > Better shows on the tv that the sims watch
    > If possible, to be able to use a 1st and 3rd person view of the sim when the sim travels to other places
    > Unisex outfits for ALL sims including modern day outfits today
    > Also to be able to modify all different kinds of vehicles
    > Add a job thats about gaming such as youtubing
    > Being able to be in a band for example a Metal Band
    > If possible to add an online feature so that you can travel to different sims and houses
    > More objects such as beds, desks, tv’s, speakers etc.
    > To add robbers that come and break into your sim’s house
    > Alarms for the house if the house is being broken into so that if the alarm goes off, the cops will arrive on the scene
    > “With lan feature” both friends must be able to build and help eachother with the same house they’re building
    > More windows
    > More events such as “rage” a gaming competition
    > Bigger world
    > More options when creating any sim
    > Pets ( wolves etc.)
    > Maybe zoo areas
    > More options when going to space
    > When the sim goes into space, the player should be able to choose if he/she wants to go with the sim, where there will be different types of alien or just planets to travel to and explore
    > To be able to build out of the lot would be most appreciated
    > If possible, the sim can maybe be made as a super hero or a super human
    > Photographer job
    > Midnight racing events (as acustomed to the car customization)
    > Being able to be a dj as a job
    > Making a sim an alien, robot, human, superhero
    > Different types of ages such as future, dark ages, prehistoric even modern times, supernatural stuff
    > Different types of garages
    > Cities
    > To be able to build your own roads and lots
    > Glowing eyes
    > Better rockit ships
    > Motels
    > Pool stairs and NOT ladders
    > To be able to make any floors higher or lower without interupting other floors
    > Add holiday areas
    > Under water lots, to build under water or such as aqueriums
    > Curved walls and windows
    > To be able to adjust any angles of the roof of a house
    > Add weapons such as guns and all sorts of old weapons like swords and shields
    > To be in the army as a job
    > Add all kinds of phone features
    > More phone services
    > To add tattoos even though the sim is already created, or to goto a tattoo paler

    Thank You.

  12. My ideas for sims 5: Add a lan feature for those who would like to play and build with each other. , add glass floor and roof ..for example, putting water on the whole plot ground and adding glass on top of the water so that the sim can walk on a glass seeing the water underneath them. And glass as a roof to make it seem like a beautiful sky view

  13. Add lan features to be able to play with friends and live in the Sims together to help build . Add rivers and lakes and sea featuresand be able to build a house on water to make those holiday house u always wanted

  14. Hi everyone, I’m Samara, I’m from Brazil! Here the Brazil, The Sims franchise, is also a huge success since its launch in the year 2000. However, I confess that when The Sims 4 arrived, which I waited anxiously for years, I was deeply disappointed.
    From design to the mechanics of the game, they were far below all the hype that was made about this game. The cartoonish appearance, the poverty of customization features for the characters, the limitation of the map, among many faulty choices that EA / MAXIS made during game development, with no option to swim in the pool or beach, artificiality when switching from Clothing, cooking, in the interactions between characters, I sincerely hope that all this is fixed in The Sims 5.
    I would like to see a totally open world game, because with all the technology available today, it would certainly not be so difficult to accomplish this feat. Characters that look really real and not a Pixar animation, I want to be able to create a character 100% true to my own image or to third parties too, without the need for mods.
    To be able to freely explore the city and to have a connection between one city and another, but without needing a specific menu to move from one city to another. It would be nice to be able to track our Sims while they are going to another city in real time and do not need a load screen.
    Being able to switch between first-person and third-person view when you want it would be cool as well, as well as being able to track our Sims at work, school or university, but not only observe them in their tasks, but also be able to control them to interact in such Environments.
    The clothes and all the visual aspect should be treated with more care and details. The clothes are still very poorly made and the textures still sound extremely artificial, not to mention that there is no real physics in the movement of fabrics, even the Sim’s hair moves, which in the face of what we have today in technology is unacceptable, seen That in The Sims 3 up to those details were treated with a certain whim, which was lacking in the latest version.
    To be able to travel to different parts of the world, whether on vacation, or work trip or even Honeymoon, to places really faithful to those existing in the real muno, without limitations, with total freedom. Have the option to put or remove censorship, but please with all existing anatomical details (no mutilated characters). One solution to this would be to put a filter with a password, so only people over the age of 18 could use the uncensored version.
    To be able to clean the house exactly as it is done in the real world, to wash the car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. Swimming pools and beaches totally realistic, with effect and reflection, refraction and ripple of water with occurs in real life and even in other games such as the game “Singles Flirt Up Your Life”, a regular competitor of The Sims, who even at that time Of The Sims 2, and even having a much poorer mechanics, it already had amazing graphics and textures and a much more detailed physics in several aspects and I know you can do much better because they have professionals of the highest standard, Because they have the money and technology to do so.
    But it would also be important that you have the option to choose the best setting to run on both the weakest PCs, the top and the line PCs. Backward compatibility with previous versions of DirectX would be important so even people who do not have powerful computers do not end up being excluded from such experience.


    Olá pessoal, eu meu nome é Samara, sou do Brasil! Aqui o Brasil, a franquia The Sims, é também um enorme sucesso desde o seu lançamento no ano 2000. Entretanto, confesso que quando chegou o The Sims 4, que esperei ansiosamente durante aos, fiquei profundamente decepcionada.
    Desde o design até a própria mecânica do jogo ficaram muito abaixo de toda a hype que foi feita acerca desse jogo. A aparência cartunesca, a pobreza de recursos de personalização para os personagens, a limitação do mapa, dentre inúmeras escolhas falhas que a EA/MAXIS fizeram durante o desenvolvimento do jogo, sem opção para nadar na piscina ou a praia, o artificialismo ao trocar de roupa, cozinhar, nas próprias interações entre personagens, espero sinceramente que tudo isso seja consertado em The Sims 5.
    Gostaria de ver um jogo totalmente mundo aberto, pois com toa a tecnologia disponível atualmente, com certeza não seria tão difícil realizar esse feito. Personagens que pareçam de fato reais e não uma animação da Pixar, quero poder criar um personagem 100% fiel à minha própria imagem ou à e terceiros também, sem necessidade de mods.
    Poder explorar livremente a cidade e ter conexão entre uma cidade e outra, mas sem precisar de um menu específico para se deslocar de uma cidade a outra. Seria legal podermos acompanhar nossos Sims enquanto estão indo para outra cidade em tempo real e não precisar de ma tela de load.
    Poder alternar entre visão em primeira e terceira pessoa quando quisermos seria bem legal também, além de também podermos acompanhar nossos Sims no trabalho, escola ou universidade, mas não apenas observá-los em suas tarefas, como também poder controlá-los para interagir em tais ambientes.
    As roupas e todo o aspecto de visual deveria ser tratado com mais cuidado e detalhes. As roupas continuam sendo muito mal feitas e as texturas ainda soam extremamente artificiais, sem falar que não existe uma física real na movimentação de tecidos, em mesmo os cabelos dos Sim se movem, o que diante do que temos hoje em tecnologia é inaceitável, visto que no The Sims 3 até esses detalhes eram tratados com certo capricho, que faltou na versão mais recente.
    Poder viajar para diferentes partes do mundo, seja em férias, ou viagem de trabalho ou mesmo Lua de Mel, para lugares realmente fiéis aos existentes no muno real, sem limitações, com liberdade total. Ter a opção de colocar ou retirar a censura, mas por favor, com todos os detalhes anatômicos existentes (nada de personagens mutilados). Uma solução para isso seria colocar um filtro com uma senha, para apenas pessoas maiores de 18 anos poderem usar a versão sem censura.
    poder fazer uma faxina na casa exatamente igual a como é feita no mundo real, poder lavar o carro, moto, bicicleta, etc. Piscinas e praias totalmente realistas, com efeito e reflexão, refração e ondulação da água com ocorre na vida real e mesmo em outros jogos a exemplo do jogo “Singles Flirt Up Your Life”, uma concorrente ireta de The Sims, que mesmo ainda na época do The Sims 2, e mesmo ainda tendo uma mecânica muito mais pobre, já trazia gráficos e texturas surpreendentes e uma física muito mais detalhada em vários aspectos e eu sei que vocês podem fazer bem melhor tanto por terem profissionais do mais alto gabarito, com também por disporem de verba e tecnologia para isso.
    Mas também seria importante que houvesse a possibilidade de escolher a melhor configuração para rodar tanto nos PCs mais fracos, quanto nos top e linha. Retrocompatibilidade com versões anteriores do DirectX seria importante para que mesmo pessoas que não tenham computadores poderosos não acabem sendo excluías de tal experiência.

  15. Why can’t toddles have fatal accidents like falling in pools or dying during a fire. Those things happen. I think it’s sad but I want to see how my sims deal with it and move on.

  16. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! and snow for that matter too! Add thunder and lightning! Wow! How that will affect their emotions. And for the pets too. It would be cool to see them all startled. Bring back the winery. I loved making wine. That was so was such a hoot. I loved so many things about three but you did away with them in four. I think that was why it was such a let down. If you had combine what you had in three and four and then add what’s new out there now and you would have a real winner. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Please make don’t make the sims so cartoony. I didn’t like it at all. I’m an adult. Kids r going to turn into adults and it looks foolish. More realism is nice. We know we are playing an imagination game. Obviously we are playing virtual dolls and changing their clothes and playing house with them. If we don’t realize that, we have lost touch with reality and are in danger mentally, which has nothing to do with your game.
    Please consider one more thing, I’m sorry to be so critical, but I have been playing since Sims 2 and I have become opinionated about your programming and merchandising. I enjoyed the way you offered games in Sims 3. Not everyone is in a financial position to purchase upgrades the way others can. Perhaps there were problems with the way it was done or you don’t feel you made enough money from us but it would seem that Sims 4 has been a disappointment so really even with it’s additions, was it financially sound to go this route?

  17. When the sims 5 comes out, there better be a great story mode which you can choose to play.

  18. We need toddlers, pets, education career, cars, and the traveling around the town like in sims 3. Bring all that back but keep the apartments and city stuff and going to work.

    • I know a lot of people are wanting the same things, so I’m going to add some features that have not been mentioned much that I think most people would like as well 🙂

      Something I think would be nice is if we could adjust the hours in a day- short regular long. That way, if the creators added more features and actions that everyone wants to the game that take up time, ( like getting into the car, pulling out of the driveway), we would have more time to complete essential tasks for work school, needs.
      Also, car settings would be cool. For example, manually driving the car with stop lights &a stop signs, parking, talking with sims on streets while in car, picking someone up from their house to hang out, etc. Buying accessories also, would be nice. For example, if you went to a mall and bought hats or belts or necklaces you should be able to store them in your room and put them on or take them off.
      Something I’ve wanted since sims 2 was the ability to own restaurants. I vaguely remember being able to do this in sims 2. Imagine being the cook at a restaurant and actually getting to make their orders. Or being a waitress/waiter. Or a host.
      They should make malls with various stores where you can buy things not available in CAS. (Candle stores, makeup stores, shoe stores)
      PLEASE BRING BACK CITIES!! Oh how I miss Bridgeport ????
      Sims should have the option to “Go for a walk” AND PLEASE!!! NO MORE LOADING SCREENS TO TRAVEL!!! WHY DID WE TAKE A STEP BACK!!:(
      I can’t think of anything else for now but that’s just on my mind 🙂

  19. All that said, I would love Pets, Seasons oh what the heck all the expansions combined.
    let them drive a car, wash a car put baby in the backseat, etc. this could be the biggest game ever made. come on guys and girls. I have faith in you….:)

    I love the sims 4’s layout but please we need more open lots like in Sims 1 and 2 and also slopes on the lots for open basements etc. Circular, L and U shaped stairs again. I designed so many floor plans but had to modify because of the stairs. they are the biggest headache.

    What about circular rooms and roofs and maybe can we put walls instead of fences on the round foundations. That would be cool.

  20. PLEASE!!! Can you guys put in teen pregnancy!!! I’ve been waiting forever for it to be put in at least into one of the Sims games! I’ve played since the very beginning that the Sims has even been made.I know you might never be able to read this but as long as you at least take a quick glimpse at it and that it crosses your mind it would make me and a lot of other people very happy :). Thank you <3

    • There is very good mod for that. There is no way EA is gonna put this in the official game since it would feel like promoting it.

  21. My ideal Sims game would have:
    Sims 4 Features:
    -Same create-a-sim features (only two sliders, the rest being grab and pull, etcetera)
    -Unisex clothing and hairstyles

    Sims 3 Features:
    -Colour wheel for the eyes
    -Colour wheel for the hair, as well as the ability to change the roots, tips and highlights.
    -Create-a-style (probably the feature I missed the most from the Sims 3)
    -Sim biographies
    -The extra facts about your sim, like birth sign, favourite colour, favourite food and favourite music.)
    -Partially open world, like in the sims 3 console (mostly because a total open world causes more lagging.)

    Sims 2 Features:
    -Create your own neighbourhood!
    -Turn offs/turn ons button
    -Some of the old romantic socials
    -A separate relationship bar that reflects the other sim’s daily opinion of your sim

    New features:
    -A height slider!
    -A colour wheel for skin, allowing you to go crazy!
    -More ages (such as pre-teen)
    -A “fear” emotion to go with the rest.
    -Pets as part of the base game (unless they release the expansion right away. I just miss them in the Sims 4.)

    These are just my personal favourites; I can understand if anyone disagrees about the open world thing.

    • I read your comment and agree 100%. You know, if they never read the comment, I’m sure you can find the address of the place they do development at. Of you find it, I suggest writing a letter to them they have to check the mail right? Bills need to be paid. But I honestly think you should try to see if they have an address and if they do, write them a letter.

  22. 1) shopping malls with actual retail property, where different sims can each own their different lots within the same business lot. Similar to apartment life in the Sims 2, but for businesses;

    2) Fully equipped farms;

    3) toddlers, swimming pools and love bed (the three musketeers)

    4) running skates and half pipes, for all ages – not only for teens

    5) an actual collective soccer/basketballl team and so on, not just one-on-one, even though that could also be kept

    6) retail business – make money charging rent

    7) interconnected neighborhoods – people from neghborhood a can visit people from neighborhood B, albeit t could take a while in sims time.

    8) time freezes for families you don’t control, just like in Sims 2 – to allow storyline control for the player

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  24. I definitely agree with your statement

  25. What about going to college and having the sim leave for college and we could watch them do the dorm life and go to class and get an education and choice of major?? Just a thought!

  26. Why you never made the Sims in the wild west. I think the western Sims woud kill.

  27. Am I the only one that thinks there needs to be a uncensored sims? Lets be real when they first started off the pc version was shit! Game Cube had the best versions (Sims Bustin Out, ect), I remembered you could sun bath naked any time, drink, do pretty much anything you want.. Literally the individuality was soo much better. All these censored fucks make it hard to develop a game that doesn’t offend anybody. A true open world game, half sims, half gta is what they really need to do. Of course with the similar features of sims 2 and 3. The game is just so damn bland now, it’s time for spice.

  28. Hi! I would like sims 5 to be more realistic, like in the real world. Being able to choose religion, go to church as a christian, for example and being able to carry necklaces like crosses or as a jew David star around your neck. I don’t want to hear that sims is supposed to be without any religious involvement, you already have added supernatural with occult stuff like vampires and werewolves that I would never touch as a christian and that gives me creeps. Why not let them have a chance to choose something positive, like faith in something? so the death would not be so creepy mr Ripper showing up and scaring the players with the horror music. A more peaceful way of leaving the sims world would be nice, like how the pets die a light shows up and takes them to heaven. And having newborns looking and sounding like newborns, not like old ladies like in the second and third sims3. And having toddlers again that can be potty trained. It would be cute. Thanks for reading/ C

  29. I would like the Sims 5 to pay for taxies and babysitters plus I would love for them to be able to buy clothes

  30. I would like all the suggestions already given but also items, clothing and lifetyles of different time eras. It would be cool to be able to do the 1920’s, or the 1700’s old world with pirates, or ancient Greece/Rome, midievel or native. It would just be cool if there were sets. Sometimes there’s native furniture but no clothing or food options or house building options. Or there’s Greek style clothing but no furniture to match. It would be neat to create families that look and live in settings in different time eras. (Even if they still used cars and went to work at regular jobs) I would just appreciate designing their homes, clothes and personalities to match different people groups through history. I also love the idea of picking out a religion or saying they don’t have one. It can be a big change to their lifestyle and game play.

  31. I honestly think EA did an amazing job on the sims 4 I love the new features but there should be more realistic walks cause cause the no one really walks tough or sluggish maybe like a drunken walk rather than sluggish thats onky in my opinion. More interactions lots of them you should be able to go on longer dates and have longer parties maybe two part events cause there are people that go to for example: ( dinner and a movie) or there is a birthday party or wedding and then there is a after party. I love the fact that they made the Get to Work Pack I thought it was genius it made it more interesting and it was also a learning experience to see what really goes on in the work day but the limited jobs to be able to join is a bad idea EA really needs to make where you can join any job including the business, entertainer, and etc. Everything in the sims 4 basically just more improvement and more realistic ideas. Also with the clothes they should really be more considerate of the people playing and how they would dress I understand they dont tolerate most things that their players require but at the same time they should try their best to to make it happen. In sims 2 there where sagging pants which should be brought back in the sims 5 for the males they should also consider making similar styles to the biggest clothes companies like balmains, pink or true religion, burberry clothes like that every pair of clothes should be seperated like some items are together you should have a choice to remove that piece of clothing. I chose to use Mods for the fact that I liked the clothes that were being made that wasnt on the sims 4 and EA should really look at the creations their simmers make and consider putting them in the new series. More clothes more clothes MORE CLOTHES AND SHOES IS A MUST of course more hair style I loved the fact the had the box braids in the sims 4 loved the idea to death they should keep the hairstyles in the sims 4 in the sims 5 and just add more also they should consider making natural hair for african amercian (black) sims more realistic and diverse also for the african amercian kids they should put braids with beads as one of the hairstyles. More faces!!! The tattoos need to be better in my opinion there has not been one good tattoo that really stood out to me we should have the ablitiy the make our own with there creations if not they should consider putting words for tattoos in their games THERE SHOULD BE PIRECINGS OMG I BEEN WAITING I HAD TO USE MODS JUST TO HAVE A NOSE RING!!! EA really needs to look at the people on the world and just put all of their styles on the game emo classy urban and such and such belly rings nose rings tattoos on the face just to make the game more fun and more realistic for the houses I had to use mods just for custom content EA needs to look at youtube videos of their simmers making houses and use that to consideration I got angry for the fact they patched sims 4 and my mods started to act up but if they made the game more like how people see it and create their own as mods we as simmers wont have to use them they shouls have seasons as a default in the game it shouldnt come in a pack just to make more realistic also cars and the ability to drive with the sims ALSO ONE OF MY MAIN THINGS ABOUT THE SIMS THEY DONT CONSIDER DIFFERENT BODY TYPES its only skinny too skinny regular thick or fat its always been that way and i loved the fact they tried to improve with the idea of scaling the bodies in sims 4 but the fact that there is a limit that annoyed me theh really need to look at the celebrities and their body types there should be no limit in for the scaling of the body of the sims LOVE THE CHARACTERS they look sooo good most people dont like them for the the fact they look “cartoonish” but in my opinion they look better than before and there just perfect the way they are EA should keep the way the sims look in the sims 5 as they had in the sims 4 other than that everything is perfect love the game i actually love the series played each and every one of them before i forget they should put more slots ofr traits only three traits does not make up a persons personality also I had to use mods for shoes cause the heels were good but the sneakers were not so good looking at least they tried but i had to use mods for jordans giusesppes and more so the creators of the sims need to make that a consideration also not to be disrespectful but they need to put more stuff that black people would wear or people of age from 13-22 cause thats mostly their players ages their should be a sluty kind of style on the sims 5 kind of a similarity to celebrity styles including the kardashions nicki minaj justin bieber just similar styles only in my opinion EA should really make it one of their main considerations i know plenty of people that would agree and that does agree with my ideas of what should be put in the game PETS NEED TO BE ADDED I forgot to say they need to have university life as a default as well like in the sims 4 there is no schools on the map which is odd but just like get to work there should be an option to join the kids to go to school in the default game incorporating SIMS 3 GENEREATIONS) buggies, car seats, being able to hold your child’s hand while walking, being able to have your child sleep in your bed if they have a nightmare, more toddler and baby clothing options etc.
    Places to be included: Spa’s, Vacation destinations, aspects of the Caribbean, Switzerland; skiing, hiking, America; camping, Pharmacy, Doctor Surgery etc.
    Pregnancy: Babies and toddlers should be included again, pregnancy test, pregnancy check ups, maternity clothing, pregnancy classes with your partner, nursery’s for when you work and your kids need to be looked after etc.
    Marriage: Wedding destinations and Honey moon destinations should be added. Should include a honey moon period of when they are lovey dovey. Should last at least a month or two.
    Designer brands: LV, Gucci, Burberry etc. (Luxury stores) I AGREE WITH THIS PERSON
    also full body pictures holidays and the option to play with your friends on origin or EA games a grocery store an open world height and hair length sliders highlights and color wheel another thing is more vacation places

  32. I think that we should be able to drive ourselves places. It could be in first person or third person view and you get to take the wheel and use signals and all of that. You can also make calls. In The car and get in crashes. In the corner, you would have a map so you know where to go.

  33. Big cities in addition to small towns to choose from:)

    Don’t lose the Goth Family, they’re the reason I’m playing the game at all. And they became the series’ trademark in a way. No Goths no fun!

  34. Characters look way to anime like, they need to look more realistic along with their facial mimics or expressions 🙂

    More options and more stylish/fashionable & contemporary and modernised accessories/jewellery are needed 🙂

    More career options would be much better 🙂

    The time it takes for sind to eat and use the toilet would be much better reduced 🙂

  35. The reception is low for the fourth installment of the series, yet people are addicted to the game, nevertheless! I love the game, despite the game (the 4th) becoming kind of boring due to very significantly insufficient qualities, such as the time that it takes for a sim to eat or to use the toilet. Another annoyance is sims’ basic needs lowering way too often, that there is not much time left for other sorts of actions or tasks. Also, they need cars, and cool ones at that. There isn’t much to purchase in the game anyway. We could become partners to businesses as well as purchase buildings and businesses in the third game. This feature could be modified again in he fifth! Very rich sims, I think, would be much better off having limos again or better yet, helis 😀

  36. I really liked sims 3 with the open world and creat a style. If they could make the graphics evsn better and more life like and take the stupid silly stuff out or make us able to turn them off or on i would like it better. I think you should make the game where you can download it on your pc evan if you are not on line. If you could put the build mod of sims 4 in and all the decorating mods like the inlarging of items and being able to put items on shelves. I would like throw pillows and maybe throws. Maybe bird houses and more plants. Id like to be able to make charecters different hights and have their hair really grow so theu would have to go to the hairdresser. Id like to be able to design clothes and jewlery and shoes. I want things to look as real as posible like the rest of the games that are coming out. I would like to be able to color the roofs.

  37. it would be neat if we have sims 3, with a sims 4 CAS and emotion system and add a online multiplayer function. (I have lots of ideas how to make this work when it comes to expansions and interactions)

  38. EA needs make a Sims 5. It would blow up if they used the kind of graphics used in the Sims 3 (just more detailed and high-def like next-gen games).
    They should put these things in the Sims 5:
    •Supernaturals (witch, genie (with more interactions), werewolf, ghost (with powers), pyshic (with spell casting and mind reading powers) vitch (vampire and witch), mermaid (with powers and more heat tolerance) fairies, so in other words, being able to combine two supernaturals of your choice (except werewolves and vampires having kids together)
    •The towns used in Sims 3
    •Store items should be free (for Sims 5)
    •Holiday Décor for Seasons (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc.)
    •Hair Length Options (Hair, Eyelashes, Eyebrow Arch)
    •More Recipes
    •More plants for alchemy
    •More elixirs
    •Waaaaaay more spells, charms and curses
    •Waaaaaay more interactions for toddlers (especially concerning magic powers for supernatural toddlers and kids)
    •More seasonal activities
    •More interactions for supernaturals with the weather stone
    •Being able to see your Sims work, go to school/college, etc. and choose interactions and make them interact with customers, co-workers, teachers, classmates, etc. (Also at the fairy arboretum)
    •More lifetime rewards
    •More holidays
    •Longer Nights (especially during the full moon
    •More zombie action in cemeteries (when your Sims go there)
    •More supernatural action
    •Sims 5 version of Moonlight Falls (did I say more supernatural action?)
    •More emotions
    •Smartphones, tablets
    •4 traits for toddlers, 5 for kids, 6 for teens, and 7 for adults
    •Different walks
    •More outfits (especially for supernaturals except those outfits should have certain powers… I’m obsessed with supernatural so…)
    •Mermaids should be a supernatural choice
    •Genies, Mermaids, supernatural toddlers and kids need waaaay more magic abilities
    •If two different supernaturals have a child/children they should be hybrid with choice of having a hybrid or regular supernatural (except for werewolves and vampires having kids together)
    •Longer parties
    •Always play with genetics
    •More pranks
    •More spell books, etc.
    •College automatically comes with the game
    •Pets automatically come with the game
    •Better graphics (like the Sims 3 but more of a next-gen level quality)

    P.S.: EA!!! The Sims 4 isn’t gonna be that hot because you guys degraded with the quality of the graphics (too cartoonish), the towns suck (and there’s only two), and things in the Sims 4 are all too limited!!!


    • Bring back an updated makin magic!! Love your ideas too!! Miss a lot of old content! Somehow have updated old content that was loved into new improved sims 5!!

    • They should add angels and demons (not demons or angels the church says but from the show Supernatural) and also add again the graveyard with ghosts but the rest of the werewolves and things remove em… also make the sims eat faster it takes like 2 hours in sim 4 to finish and also add nephilim or cambions and also make more science things that work and science decorations too so i can make a super sophiscated lab and also add like spy things and make a get to work for agents

    • they remove loading when going to another sim’s house or going to a place… i hate it in sims 4… add the open world like sims 3 and being walk around or drive and add a restaurant and malls and

    • I agree with you but I would also add binders and such for the LGBT community. I for one would like to make myself as a gender fluid sim like I am.

  39. There’s a number of things that should be brought back :
    Supernatural beings
    Baby sitting
    University life
    More towns
    More jobs that are interactive

  40. I would like Sims 5 to be like Sims 2, in that you wouldn’t have to pick one active household. However, it’s annoying in Sims 2 when your sim rings someone at 10am, say, and the other sim shouts at them for calling at midnight. Also, sims randomly appear in two places at once, which is frustrating. I would get rid of these problems, but otherwise keep gameplay the same as in Sims 2, with the odd feature from 3/4. The graphics would be like in Sims 4, but I would bring back Create A Style and the colour wheel. To add to this, there would be more options in Create A Sim (eg. height control, nose piercings, more clothing/make-up options, etc.) I haven’t played Sims 4, but I don’t think I’d mind the absence of toddlers- I was such a bad ‘parent’ to my toddler sims in Sims 2 🙂

  41. please add height variation feature in body modification mode for next release

  42. Gradual aging, higher capacity of sims able to live in a household, more portable interactions with babies,bring toddlers back and special clothes,furniture,and interactions with them,vacations,bigger maps,open world,have other sims you don’t control in the game have children so as your playing it doesn’t suddenly turn into a ghost town,drivable cars,even more food ability to see and have sims interact at school/work,able to go to the doctor/hospital,puberty,pets,more random/spontaneous events in sims lives i.e:getting robbed,car crash,storms,earthquakes,injuries requiring a visit to the hospital,etc.

    • Also more kidnappings and when going to a venue being able to actually interact while your sims are there


    • I agree and I think that children and teens should get to have school crushes. Also I don’t know if any of you agree but I personally believe that world adventures and pets should be merged. So you can travel around the world meeting tons of cool animals and maybe adopting some. For instance you could travel to different continents like Asia and meet animals that live there like tigers or pandas.

  43. I have been playing sims since the beginning and have to say the third and second were the best game play wise but the 4th by far is better visually and expect to be blown away again when the 5th one comes out. I really hope they bring back the pets, and toddler training though, I really miss it in Sims 4

  44. I think there should be a more open plan like the sims 2, where you can add more houses and move existing ones around. also being able to have animals already on it. and bring back the toddlers!!

  45. Never really cottoned to the Sims 4, was very disappointed in its development, sticking with Sims 3 for now. I would like to see for the Sims 5, if it comes about. I would like to see easier access to creating your own neigborhood, maybe being able to set the type of weather you wish your neighborhood to be. Also would like to be able to adjust lot sizes, rather than have a set size that you choose from.
    Do not care for the lot sizes in the game of specialized lots, for instance 60 x 60 or 28 x 18 and they can not be altered and if removed they are gone from the game and can not be saved to the query. Also these lots can only be changed by the creator of the neighborhood and there are no cheats that can change the lot sizes. Would also like a open map neighborhood with easier access to placings in the neighborhoods, meaning if you wish to place a lot in a mountainous terrian but are unable due to too many lumps or bumps on the terrian or for instance trying to place a lot on a curved road, but you can’t because its not allowed. Also having a map that is more pleasing to the eye, a scenic backround, not so cartoony, maybe more realistic.

  46. I want to see a more VR type game with f>rst person capabilities.

  47. Maybe I can make my sims have disabilities?

    • That’s so interesting. How did me with my disability not even think of that. I seriously love this idea.

      • Agreed~ It might give others insight into what life can be like with a disability. Might I suggest ‘invisible illnesses’ like Chronic fatigue syndrome or ADHD or Depression or Bipolar Disorder? With the emotions already existing, minor tweaks could make this really easy and cool.

  48. In Sims 5, I would like to see some major character updates. When you create your sims, you could give them an age, a religion and their background. Although in Sims 4, where there is a “Get To Work” expansion pack, I would like to see more varieties of jobs, and seeing your sims go to work. Also they could add pet stores where there are pets, and you can pick their breed e.g Pugs or Golden Retrievers. Maybe you could have cars, and drive to work and seeing your sims get injured. I am looking forward to the new game! 🙂

  49. I think the SIMS will be forever
    and pls make it easy the mods and custom contents pls when I download a hair like Ariana Grande hair (SIMS 4) its not working pls fix it

  50. I would love it if the Sims 5 were to bring back some of the old features we all love from the other games that for some reason were done away with. Such as the magic lamp and genie that granted wishes, or the option for a piano where you could see and hear the sim’s skills progressively improving. Just seeing those classic greats come back would make everything perfect.

  51. I think for sims 5 the mom (or anyone who cleans the house) should be able to vacuum or see the dirt on the floor so you know when you should clean the floor.



  52. I really would like to have an open world where you can play as any character if that’s possible. I can’t stand having to pick only one family per town and then you can’t look into other households after you pick one, but I still like the open world concept other than that.

  53. I have and idea where sims wouldn’t have life stages, they would just grow. So in the game you could decide how long a year is in simlife. So if you made it 2 days your sims would age a year every 2 days, and you could really pinpoint stages in normal lives, for example when a sim’s 2 years old they could go through their terrible twos, when they’re 13/14 their voice could break and the could have raspy voices and the sims would start showing signs of puberty, They could have a mid-life crisis at any time between the ages of 35 and 60, They could die early around(65/70) if they were slobs and didn’t take care of themselves properly, whereas vegetarians/vegans and Athletic sims could live to over 100. This could be difficult to implement but could be a good idea to see your sims actually grow rather than just jumping from phase to phase. You could change the time yourself making a year shorter while they’re young if you want to get that out of the way.

    • Good idea!It looks un natural, one day your sim is a little kid that only looks around 5-8 and then BAM, they’re 16!It’s alot more realistic and gives us more time, I hate when you get ideas to start a family and suddenly the grim reapers at your door and your sim is dead.

      • Exactly it’ll make the player feel more invested. Yeah I like to concentrate on a career before having a family but sometimes you just don’t have the time.

    • Jeanette Swick

      I love your idea!!!

    • vegetarians/vegans die young too… people who drink alcohol, eat meat and do not sport, reach also the 90s and 100s…. I would love to set ONE WEEK for each ONE YEAR of life time of a sim…. love to keep my kids at least for a few months as kids…

      • True but those are anomaly’s plus those people who died early likely didn’t die of old age and since Serious illnesses don’t exist in the sims, they’d live longer. I never said it would be a rule, it would just be the norm.

  54. I only want to make it online, where you can see you friends’ sims! Maybe it’s a difficult work, but it would be soooooo nice!! You control your sims and they control their sims, not the computer!! Thanks anyway:) the sims 4 is a bomb!!

    • NO! No online game! Quit this awful origin. The game should be like TS2, so you play it not on a site, but just on your computer. Over 2 hours download on Origin, seriously?

  55. In the future sims game, it should include the following which would make the game a lot better
    1) Toddlers back, with personality traits we can choose for them and more personal skill levels n goals besides potty training,talking and walking
    2) Preteens introduced after child life stage and before teens
    3) A lot more and a huge variety of traits for the sims personality n aspirations
    4) Hight sliders and the ability to change the hair length
    5) A variety of hair textures, tattoos, and piercings like on belly button and nose and even lips
    6) More realistic interactions such as if a sim is feeling sad, there should be an option to let you know why the sim is feeling sad and then other ways to make them feel better or worse and etc
    7) Different places to travel to in open world like one world being a city, another a tropical island, another as the suburbs and a desert world like Oasis springs like in sims 4
    8) Seasons
    9) Cars back, and too buses, trains, airplanes, bikes and even taxis to travel to a different world
    10) The ability to walk further around the neighborhood and when visiting another house in the same neighborhood without loading screens like open world
    11) Parking lot/ driveways for cars, airports for airplanes, railroads for trains and bus stops for buses
    12) Better graphics
    13) More places to visit such as Movie theaters, restaurants ,Malls, Zoos, and even theme parks
    14) Teen to adult and adult to teen romantic interactions and teen pregnancy introduced
    15) More careers to choose from such as a veterinarian,teacher,social worker,firefighter and etc
    16) An option to travel with a sim as they go to work or school and interacting with them though out the work or school day in base game without any mods
    17) Pets
    18) More businesses such as a restaurant, salon, daycare, shopping center and etc build from scratch and able to hire employees and gain points as a goal from it
    19) Grocery stores to buy food from like in sims 2 and shopping center to buy clothes and accessories from
    20) A more variety of hobbies and skills such as bike riding, baby sitting, dancing ,music, singing and etc

    • I love all of these ideas except the teen pregnancy, even though it happens on the daily I don’t really want to make my sims be illegal. I’d leave that to the mod creators for

    • These are really Great Ideas! I would Totally Enjoy having all these features.

    • Yessss that is what will make me buy and play the game and if you can include teaching teens to drive and if we can drive in the larking lot

    • I love these ideas however I would also REALLY like LGBT to be more incorporated y’know? Like binders and where you can get surgery for your sims later in life and such.

  56. I think sims 5 should be the sims 4 but with piercings, different heights, pets, toddlers and I think babies should have more clothing options and not be stuck in the bassinet too much, and be transferred into a different bassinet if necessary. Is that too much? I need ur opinions, guys!!!

  57. You should be able to connect with friends around the world, so you could have kids with friends, instead of creating, and interacting with yourself.

    • Well, It would be very cool if ACCIDENTS could happen ???? Like be killed by a car in the road, fall off the balcony or the stairs… and better!
      NOT DIE by it ???? Just simply walk on a wheel chair or ahve a broken leg XD It would be realistic XD Especially if pets were hurt by cars :c XD

      • yeah that would be cool

        if that happened; it would be more realistic

      • I don’t think much people would agree but t I think the woohoo is stupid in the sims at least make them half coverd by the covers because it’s weird the way they just jump under the covers and kick eachother

  58. What would be nice is, when our sims/avatars are speaking, they can speak in an actual language of our choice and not gibberish. Also, a yorkshire terrier was never an option as a dog. Cross-breeding too would be something different and interesting for an option.

  59. The toddlers need to be brought back but with more options like proper furniture and changing mats as well as rocking chairs for the mothers to rock them to sleep.

  60. Muahahahahahahaha!

    I was just about to post a really long list of suggestions, when I was disconnected from my wifi! I am going to keep it “short”. I like the ideas of more clothing option and being able to customize your character’s height, hair, and clothes. I think that your sims shouldn’t just walk into the bathroom, when an other sim is in there. They should be taught to knock, so maybe the kids will walk in…We should definitely, be able to go work or school with them. What do they do? What opportunities will they take? What mischief will they get into or stay out of? What relationships do they have with their co workers? How do they interact with them? How dill they respond to the boss? At school, how will the kids focus in class? Will they talk to their friends during a lesson, cheat, become scholastically accomplished, run for class president, ask out the pretty girl in Englsh, make out with you college bound boyfriend’s sweet talking little brother? How do the teachers interact? How will you manage the classroom? Interact with the students? Maybe you graduate young and are a handsome or beautiful high school teacher, not much, if at all, older than your students, and you get involved in a steamy love triangle, between a student and an other teacher…How will you treat the pregnant teen who come crying to you for advice? I also think that we should be able to choose more personality or character traits, and some personal interests. Also, it would be nice, if we didn’t have to kiss or anything like that to get a perfect score for a date. Oh, and if they could walk around, through,and over stuff like a normal person, that would be great. So that is my two cents. I am not going to be unrealistic and expect all this, but these are things that I would like to see. I am excited to see how it turns out.

  61. What the Sims 5 need is more SKINTONES, BODY MODIFICATIONS, and better SOUND EFFECTS A.S.A.P.!!! That would be much appreciated!! 😉

  62. I think that “The Sims 5” would basically be “The Sims 3”, but in “The Sims 4” graphics style. I think Toddlers will return and Pre-Teens will be introduced. I think it would be a smart business strategy if Seasons, Weather, and Pets were all in the base game. That would be a dream come true for me!

  63. I would like my sims to be unique individually (maybe by hidden traits randomly given). Also would like teh open world again as in sims 3. More romance socials would be great. I like the cars they could get into like in sims 2. Also would be cool if they could actually travel in an airplane. Would alslo love to be able to create my own story progression by assigning character roles to specific sims. Adjusting sim height and features is a must. Would like to be able to play with more players (two) but offline (at home). Would like to have ability to add voices and music. And recolring should be coming back. More accessories and able to use multiple acc and make ups for diff locations and same goes for tattoos. Want to see my sims at work/school.

  64. What I want for sims 5 is to change sims height so if I made a child I could make it taller or smaller and I would like some toddlers. Can we customize Infants?!!! Bigger maps, more choices for buying furniture, more choices of traits, and typing the name of your sims age !!!! Please add those!!

  65. TheItalianSimmer


    They should making it online where you can see who’s online & also a great idea! where we can do missions with our Sims and control the car!! 🙂

  66. and i wish i can control the ghost in sims5

  67. I wish sims5 can change the sims height! it will have fun if we can change their height

  68. I hope there will be a future Release of Sims 5 soon, i am rly waiting for some hot news about this game… The Sims must go on! Thanks

  69. In Sims 5, we should be able to control our Sims’ hight (SERIOUSLY?! We can make a woman’s chest and butt huge but we can’t change her hight? That’s absurd) and hair length as well as the texture of their hair. We should be able to choose if the hair is wavy, straight, curly, etc, for each individual hair style. They should definitely bring back the color wheel (COME ON GUYS! SERIOUSLY?!) and also bring back the way we could highlight our Sims’ hair in the Sims 3. We were able to choose a designated area of their hair and pick a color for it. Having highlights or undertones and being able to decide for our selves what the color is, for each hair style, was awesome. It would be nice to be able to change the length of our Sims’ torso and legs. I know a girl who is shorter than me but her legs are practically the same hight as mine, she just has a shorter torso, and I also know another girl who is taller than me, but she has shorter legs than me because she has a long torso. We should have more clothing options; more colors also, shoes and accessories; especially jewelry!! A LOT more tattoo options would be appreciated. As well as adding piercings (belly button, ears, eyebrows, nose, lips, etched). The men should be able to wear makeup. The women should have some cool manly clothes, and vise versa, the men should have some fancy girly clothes. More customizable walk options, and voices. It would be pretty cool if our Sims could have accents. Maybe that wouldn’t be possible, or at the very least difficult, but it would be pretty cool! They already have different tones of voices (please add more!) but people in real life also have different ways of pronunciation. So many times since playing Sims4 I have come across the problem of not being able to use long names. It would be extremely nice to have more space for our Sim’s names. Also, we players should have more options in the family relationships. For example being able to make a household of, let’s say, three teen brothers and their uncle. So we should have the choice of what relationship they have in each household. I want my sim to be able to have their uncle present without their mother in order for the “uncle” option to go through. It would also be awesome to see that we are able to make a household of elders the grandparents of the children in a different household.

    P.S. The Sims 4 just came out one year ago. It’s practically new, therefore it will take time for us to see everything that we expect. Although there are many additions we would all love to see, I enjoy playing The Sims 4, every time. Satisfactory vote from me!

  70. You should make it more realistic like gta5 and make missions, not like killing missions but you know, make it so you can take peoples cars but make it pg ???????? and maybe make it online where you can actually see people and maybe say what you want to say, just type it.???????? and maybe the ability to control your sim while they are at work as chosen, like say your on the working sim, you control their job, if you click someone else, you can control someone else and the other people is still finishing their job without you. And the ability to control your sim without a click, like control their every move like gta5 ???? that’s all

    • First of all, I would like for your sims to have more realistic pregnancies, and maybe the teens have puberty? That would be so realistic!!

  71. I think the thing’s they should concrete on the making the simms the most because not a or one wants Their aim to have blue eyes,may some one like me wants one of Their simms to have one blue eye and the other eg green.And the other thing I want to mention Their is a YouTube I really like link joanna osiecka any way I have a problem with the hair that it’s all the same length and you need to down load a mode to have a different hair length. Focus on the simms making!
    When you are creating your house I would like it if it went like this : you go to that building part bey avory thing you want and then little ditails like a sing saing welcome home you could bey in the ferniture shop with some other dials,and pleas with my whole hart can their not be any more robbery I agree with Thai should be bills and they will take electric away but no robbery.The last thing I would like to manchen YOU HAVE 3 YEARS GO DO IT and you will have a lot of money if U dont work on simms 4 as much you are a well known game pruduction so this game is all in your hands to make.Thank you for reading this comment ps have a violin and a piano in thair and to drive a car you need driving lessons so you can get your licence!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  72. In TS5, I think it should have the same Create-A-Sim customization. Instead of choosing from preset colors for the hair highlights, there should be a color wheel and/or palette to choose the colors from. I want the Create-A-Style back too. I think TS4 was a downgrade, but at the same time, a huge improvement. I don’t have TS4, so I don’t know EVERYTHING that was taken out/added in, but I am going to buy it! I look forward to liking TS4 and will be watching for the true release date of TS5!! ♥

    September 7, 2015

  73. Sims 5, SHOULD NOT have aliens or ghosts as it is not realistic and it is an inconvenience to the game. As well as being seriously CREEPY.
    However, it should include the simpler, everyday aspects in life. Such as, being able to walk into and actually see your Sims buying items (NO MORE RABBIT HOLES) in the grocery shop, big shopping mall should be included with a variety of stores, even a store where you can buy furniture. Also, being able to open your car door instead of just automatically being teleported inside.
    In addition, (incorporating SIMS 3 GENEREATIONS) buggies, car seats, being able to hold your child’s hand while walking, being able to have your child sleep in your bed if they have a nightmare, more toddler and baby clothing options etc.
    Places to be included: Spa’s, Vacation destinations, aspects of the Caribbean, Switzerland; skiing, hiking, America; camping, Pharmacy, Doctor Surgery etc.
    Pregnancy: Babies and toddlers should be included again, pregnancy test, pregnancy check ups, maternity clothing, pregnancy classes with your partner, nursery’s for when you work and your kids need to be looked after etc.
    Marriage: Wedding destinations and Honey moon destinations should be added. Should include a honey moon period of when they are lovey dovey. Should last at least a month or two.
    Designer brands: LV, Gucci, Burberry etc. (Luxury stores)
    Careers: (Incorporating SIMS 3 AMBITIONS) Actress, Singer, Dancer. Electrician, Teacher (Teaching the kids), Interior designer, Architect, Doctor (MORE OPTIONS)
    Thank you!

    • Sorry Im too Late

      Wow, firstly there was loading screens for a reason is because sims 3 had alot of bugs with its open world.Furnture shoping? It would ruin the point of buy mode. Well The sim is not meant to be realistic because you control it of course you would not know that.Sims 3 ran badly on low, medium and high end computers so sims 5 is not going be like that.Sims 5 will not becoming untill 2023 so i doubt there will have designer brands.Big countries to live in? No way, in world adventures it was holiday so in places in paris and egypt you would stay there for whil ethen leave meaning it was another world or city.Sorry the only game you want all of this is sims 2(Accept World like america) so please dont wait and go back to the sims 2.

  74. I don’t like how sims 3 had cars to drive pets and terrain edit where you can make hills or valleys and sims 4 had none of that stuff they should have that in sims 5

  75. sims5 sould be like gta5 online ^^

  76. By added complexity I also mean more interactivity. Like when you have a sim take the alien spaceship to an asteroid, I want the Sim to be able to take their miner there and mine for rocks. Also, The Chronicles of Narina wardrobe for example shouldn’t just be a rabbit hole. I think it would be cool if some of the added feats, like the wardrobe or underground world(from the miner) weren’t just rabbit holes as well.

  77. I want sims 5 to be a more complex, revamped sims 3. I want a medieval expansion pack too like there was a futuristic expansion pack for TS3 where there’s more magic, kings & queens, feudalism, etc. I wanted there to be an Into the Past like there was Into the Future, bc with the time machine, I thought why couldn’t you have a world for going back?

  78. Personally, I think sims 3 had too much focus on designing things (create a style was dumb. i’m glad that’s it’s back to objects with recolors.) But sims 4 has way too many personality options. I was perfectly happy with the options available in Sims 2. If EA would have just added an open world I would have been super stoked. EA seems to take two steps forward and three back. They give but take. Add cool new features but take away all the features fans love in the process. My suggestion: KEEP IT SIMPLE. I don’t need to be able to control how often my sims blinks or their tone of voice. WHO CARES! Simple personalities, simple design features plus open world, up the graphics (no cartoony sims). Done.

  79. hey this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. make a multiplayer option with origin, so you can use your origin account to play in game with origin friends

  81. Gordon van Eeden


    What I want for sims 5 is to have the ability to start your own business or businesses, employ people etc. Even create major corporations. That would be a great add to the already great game.

  82. Please, and I do mean please, I want them to put SIMS 5 on PS3 or PS4, thank you. 😀

    • Sorry Im too Late

      Facepalms* If you want a game with 1 expansion no good features then being on console is fine but pc is always the best function.

  83. The Sims 2 was the best of the series. What’s needed in the next installment is the gameplay of The Sims 2 plus a 3D and open world.

  84. I think sims 5 should add Braces and piercings

  85. Stop saying that SIMS 5 need more hairs and things like that..

    SIMS 5 need more develop in the world like.

    Open/Close door options for every door in ownable zones.
    Open World – No more of waiting escene to go to somewhere.
    Drivable Cars – If this game is 3d why not use the 3d with all rendiment?

  86. God you people are asking for stupid things. I agree with Luna, except for the fling part – the Sims is the kind of game where you can play it whichever way you want, even if it was made for playing life 😛

  87. im a guy who likes the sims and agree with this but i dont think is all about their looks but i think the more realistic it is the better although it already includes such great graphics it needs for their facial features to move with the face

  88. DO you guys even realize how much programming and time and MONEY it takes for all the trivial things you’re requesting? Individual hair physics are NOT a priority in the Sims games, as it’s about their LIFE not their appearance. Aging in Sims has been set to be simple as possible in the sense that it would take away from the focus of the games- creating a family and introducing older generations. Sims wasn’t made to create a family and make a new one when your original generations die. You’re supposed to stay with the family throughout their life- not make it a fling.
    I could easily rant about 90% of the suggestions you’ve made, especially since they all take so much time and money to program to please so many unrealistic demands/

    • While I agree. It’s not like they added a ton of new never before seen features in Sims 4. The only thing that is majorly different is the create a sim game play and yes the getting new objects via Origin.

      However, they stripped away so much from Sims 3, without adding enough new stuff to make it really awesome IMO that it’s just really bad.

      Most people aren’t asking for unrealistic demands, they’re asking for features that were seen in a version that was made 10 years prior (Sims 2,) but also features we saw in Sims 3, so to say that it is so difficult to make it for Sims 4 is just a blatant lie because gaming technology has only progressed. Obviously there will be challenges, that’s just how it works. Most of the comments people talk about aren’t addressed to the sims look but instead talk about lack of an open world, lack of customization options both in coloring option of create-a-sim and in build mode. Lack of other worldly buildings (grocery store, book store, spa???)

      And you’re right about it being about their lives, which makes the fact that babies go from new born babies to children all the more ridiculous.

      “Sims wasn’t made to create a family and make a new one when your original generations die.” – You (even though you’re wrong). No hun, Sims was made for people to play however they please, which is why there is no limit on how many families you can create.

      So no the things they are asking aren’t any more trivial and difficult than they were for Sims 2 and 3. The creators and developers wanted to head in a different direction and sadly weren’t able to match the hype everyone was expecting.

  89. I think that the children and toddlers that know how to walk or run have sports like soccer…
    To be able to see in the buildings and lots more that I have already said on may 26

  90. We can get furniture for real catalogues and take selfies and go in a hospital realistically and fill in application and make more fun things for your children

  91. We can also custom our clothes if we want and make our own colour’s

    • that already exists, moron, oh, and, SELFIES ARE IDIOCY.

      • I think Cassie is referring to the “Create a Style” feature in the Sims 3. It was removed from the Sims 4 release plan. Cassie is saying that adding that back to the Sims 5 game would be totally beneficial no matter how much extra coding or money it takes. Adding Create a Style would also bring back fans who were not as pleased with the most recent installment in the series. Technically, the game was a success, but only because of the limited amount of revelation before the game. Most consumers were mislead to think it would just be a revamp of the Sims 3, but no… many fans, including myself, thought this installment was a step back ( some seem to think of it as 2 steps back ). Regardless, the Sims 5 will most likely require a more powerful computer if EA plans to bring back its consumer base. By the estimated release date, I’m sure this won’t be a problem as stock computers and game systems are becoming more and more powerful.

  92. We could also have an option to apply your own makeup or not icon and you can go to different countries on a plane either choosing to drive or not and having a realistic flying like in real life with a choice of your food. You can text each other and woo boo in public and show off your body in realistic terms. On a plane there is a option to stay or go and you have a pack your suitcase activity

  93. In SIMS 5 I think that we should put more clothe and be aloud to make your own like in Sims 3 you were able to change colours but now we should be able to design it and make it the way we want
    We should definitely put toddlers back in and have pre teens also we should be able to change how outlet baby looks and wears another thing that we should have for baby’s is more furniture for them and be able to walk around with them
    Children should be able to hold them and play with them
    Parents should be able to have a real bond with there children like the kids should do something s wrong and the parents could actually be able to raise them like in real life
    The parents should be able to kiss there children goodnight
    There should be seasons like winter and actually have snow,summer, autumn and fall
    There should be Christmas, Halloween, Easter…
    We should be able to see the children development like puberty and them actually growing and not just baby to child then to teen really fast on there birthday
    We should be able to have stores and schools and be able to look inside of them
    There should actually have hospital and children can brake there arms or legs… and actually have pain and real life sickness and stuff
    The children and pre teens (if we can have them ) should be able to work or have actual talents and be stars and prodigys

  94. I suggest that the Sims in Sims 5 look more realistic (imagine adding dimples, birthmarks, height differences, and hair that isn’t stiff). Also, the toddlers were a great option, and since the game should be PROGRESSING, I would enjoy the option of having pre-teens, and new careers; allow children to work with a limit on hours. Imagine a child with the career title of “child star”, or “budding musician”. Lastly, the open world was amazing, and I would like to see a smoother transition when moving between worlds.

  95. I would like the sims 5 to be able to have a thing where it takes your picture and makes the sim look EXACTLY like you!!! If it makes it a little weird you would be able to tweek it up! Thanks for taking your time to read this! I love cats sooooooooo much I’m the craziest cat ladie in the whole entire world!!!!!

  96. TODDLERS!!! Please do not leave these out again :(. Also could make the pregnancy bit more realistic with a steady bump grow, don’t like in sims 4 when she finds out she’s pregnant gets a bump straight away, plus make the new born baby bit more cuter and be able to by them a Moses basket so they can stay in the front room. I think when sims have kids you shouldn’t be allowed to pick traints for them they should inherit these from the parents and the way there looked after. That’s it for now lol xx

  97. There also needs to be chocolate

  98. it would be cool if you could costimize furniture and actually see your sims at work

  99. I think the sims 5 should be a mixture between how characteristic the sims on sims 4 are and how realistic the sims in sims 3 are and sims 5 should have going back into the future and robots and u can go to the sims job while they’re working and it should be made for Xbox 360 too and stylish outfits and u can make your own clothes shop and a little cheats sims 3 on Xbox 360 has so much cheats

  100. In Sims 5, I would really love if the sims can have their own pets and more job options like working at a hospital, etc. It will also be cool if they can own their own businesses and let their hair look more realistic when they move around! 🙂

  101. I think Pets and Weather should be in base games by now. I’d like more “normal” jobs like in the service industry or airline etc.. Plus a real semi- open world (maybe with a loading for every street only) and if the community lots were made to be as big as in The Sims HotDate/Unleashed it would feel more open as well.
    Lastly, just more general realism would be nice 🙂

  102. i want sims to have a age example: 17 yrs old 18 yrs old

  103. Sims 5 would be so amazing if there was longer hair for girls in the creator. I believe that the option to change things to whatever color should come back, and that the Sims should be able to live a more realistic life. I love the Sims series but if a few changes were made to the game I’m sure it would be so much more enjoyable.

    • That’s great we could also have a choice for what age we want to chose and if we want to age or not. And write what brand of car you want in witch colour and customise it. Go in helicopters and in Christmas it is realistic and you can pick what gift you want from real life and different celebrations.

  104. In Sims 5, I would like characters to be able to manouver themselves through tight spaces and inbetween objects instead of ourightly getting frustrated when they can’t access something head on just because something is in their way. I would also like characters to be able to have their hair move in line with their actions. EG: when they bend down, the hair falls forward. When they awaken, they have ‘bed-hair’, when they run on a treadmill, the hair blows accordingly etc. Thanks you!

  105. I want the look of sims 2 with the customization of sims 3. I want everyone to age at the same time (like sims 3). I want plenty of stuff for my sims to do and lots of pretty places for them to go (like sims 1).

  106. In SIMS 5, I want animated hair that blows with the air and gets wet when in water. Customized hair style option of my own. I also want semi-open world option with 20-30 members.

    • I agree, I also want pets fur to move when there pet, and for there to be more needs, ex: thirst, oxygen, pain- pain becasue there also needs to be scratches from cats and bites from dogs, etc. With bandaids!!!!!

      • Ooops, some things were left out of my other comment, lol. More additions that would be awesome to see are, birth marks and more options with wrinkles and stuff similar to that. Especially freckles. Maybe our Sims could have freckles everywhere, or some on their face, shoulders and legs. More options would be wonderful. Also, with moles. Rather than only two choices, maybe add in more places that our Sims could have moles. Oh! And braces. That would be kind of cool.
        And getting more complex with the traits. Different levels of good and evil, laziness and being neat. So, rather than just lazy, maybe kind of lazyor a VERY lazy sim.

        Just some thoughts.

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